Anne Vignati's Oldenburg Savoy dreams of the days when he didn't know what a Prix St. Georges test was.....''they really want me to skip every three strides....really?"
Becky and Laneur waiting for the bell in their first CDI.
Like boats in a harbor, the Paradigm Pack all point in one the show tent and the food table.  Penny (14 in this photo) and Change (12) have supervised more shows then they care to remember and deserve honorary judging licenses.  

Becky and Eroica on a Marin ridgetop after a rare dusting of snow.  Penny the terrier, also an accomplished equestrian, enjoys the view from the front of the saddle.

Eroica, an Arab mare owned by Kate Wilson, is now 25 and retired at Becky's home in Santa Rosa.  She was the first horse that Becky had in training when she started Paradigm Sporthorse Training in 1998.
Becky and Kalypso setting up a pirouette under the watchful eye of "O" judge Axel Steiner.
We got style, oh yeah, we got style!

So you see, it goes right over left.........uh, wait.....I mean left over right.....

Tail Braiding:  Fun for the whole family!
Probably best to let that sleeping dog lie...don't you think?  Death by licking might occur if you come any closer..........

Violet, the VERY ferocious pit bull, shows what 'cute' looks like.  Catty-whumpus bat ears are an integral part of the look.
Kalypso hanging with his harem during his brief retirement.....he was painfully clueless about HOW much the girls loved him and how OFTEN they angled for his attention....
Why is sleep sooooo good after a day of showing?  You're tied up, so you do a fraction of the barking, sniffing, and patrolling in a normal day....yet you are dog tired at the end of it? 
Becoming deaf has its benefits---at least now I don't have to bark everytime the person in the next room moves, or the elevator opens...I can just snooze....
Pony power!!!  Napa and Nicky drop the blond bombshell on Dressage in the Wine Country!
Haydn obviously struggling to remain calm at Woodside......
Don't let her pink chaps fool you!  We are proud to present WEG (World Equestrian Games) contenders Simon and Phoebe.  Fortunately they have time to get ready before Phoebe outgrows the 17h Simon.
"I can't shake this feeling that something is missing...." muses Lori Novick's beautiful hunter gelding Louie (Worthy), before making quick work of winning his training level class at Rancho Murietta
.....sigh!...........Wow!, a horse, a bay horse!

Revelers admire Celeste Niebergall's beautiful new horse Caratchi Star.  Congratulations Celeste!
Shine and Marci posing for the latest Smith & Hawken Farm and Garden catalogue...
Worthy basks in a head hug...the best kind of hug really...before heading off to a class.
Working student Sam looks on while Change Cushman warms Becky and Aragon up at the Shelly Siegel Chapter show
Shine eyes Sam while getting his hair done.  Shine is possibly the first horse in history who prefers to be is the bay area....
Sometimes it takes a get Becky on a'd think she would have mounting down by now.....
Ever the gentleman, Princeton lets Oksana watch while he has a bit of refreshment.
Petunia, a pure bred Dr. Seuss terrier, relaxes after winning the audition for Paradigm Cute Dog Mascot.  In spite of insanely crooked legs, a reeaaalllly long body, and small stature---she makes a fabulous squeaky toy, I mean companion, for Violet!
Christina Henkel and Princeton demonstrate how to look for the next jump
As shown in this tent party at Shelley Siegel...the reason why everyone is pooped after a show remains an unsolved mystery!
Haydn caught on camera debating whether he would perform the USEF Fourth Level Test 1...or perhaps the Haydn 2010 version (which is so much more fun!)
In the Church of Celeste, dogs eat only the finest,
Come on over here and let me give you a big kiss!
John McGuinn's Shadowfax in a clinic with Juan Matute in February.  Favorite quote: "You are good!!", which unfortunately translates to 'that is good!'......which ain't to shabby in a pinch.
Sabrina the 'feral' cat, Violet the 'ferocious' pit bull, and Petunia the....only one without a quotation worthy category..., demonstrate the tenacity of inter-species relations.
9 years is long enough to hold onto a memory of a jumping accident right?  Dang, these stirrups are short!
Not for the weak of heart....the Equidome was the only rideable ring on the day before the Championships.  When this photo was taken their were 29 horses warming up in the same arena!! 
Assistant Sam Davis is sam-wiched (yuk, yuk, yuk) between to Rebeccas (TD Rebecca Lewis at right) as we pose for the camera on a very cold, wet, and muddy morning at the Shelly Siegel show in................June?

Poor, homeless dogs in the barn aisles at Pebble Beach.....nothing to wear but thinsulate, polar fleece, and diamond studded collars! 
Aragon enjoys breakfast in bed at Pebble Beach, how else would one have breakfast????
Violet shares her thoughts on the leash rule at Starr Vaughn in May......she felt similarly about the hail that ended up canceling the show!
Aragon finds a Spaniard with more bravado than himself!  Here he shows the promise of exceptional passage talent in a clinic with Alfredo Hernandez.
"Where am I and who is that dashing horse in front of me?"  Juice, the Hanndalusian (Andoverrian?), arrives at Paradigm after spending his young life in the 'sticks'.  Looking forward to seeing him in the show ring with his owner Celeste Niebergall!!!
Lori and Louie, and Christina with Holly try hacking in Pt Reyes National Seashore on for size......
Nespas aka 'the Loch-Nespas monster' enjoying his retirement.  To fully appreciate the height of the grass in this pasture, it is important to know that Nespas is 18h!  
'In the unlikely event that every  horse has it's head sticking out at the same time........take a picture!!!"
Kalypso, delighted the photographers in this Pfizer shoot.  Becky.....not so much.
Violet, with Petunia suditing, gives Juice a demonstration on the concepts of suspension and extension.
Though often regarded as an obscure holiday, and therefore overlooked, Take Your Brontosaurus To Work Day is always observed with due respect by Tanner
The tandem horse, though rarely seen, is the ideal horse for families with multiple riders, as it allows for the boarding of two horses at the price of one.
Lori and Louie looking a little skeptical as Dane Rawlins makes a point----literally.

Celeste and Beau 1 spent Labor Day perfecting their form.  After many stops and starts "Back in the Saddle Again" is their theme song....

The suffering is real, and it is great.

It was understood that Molly wasn't our tallest rider, but rather shocking to finally see the world through her eyes!  Not surprising, however, to discover that Guinness is truly handsome from every angle!
Jan Ebeling, Juice, and Amelia Mazer in deep discussion regarding the intricacies of properly executing circles in a sand box.
Petunia keeps taking peoples phones and taking these days!
Lauren acting as coy as can be, trying to catch the eye of the sorta tall, definitely dark, and dashingly handsome Guinness!
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The quality of hay can easily be improved by rolling on it.  It is like rolled oats, but different.
DOUS?  I don't believe they exist!

That's Dogs of Unusual Size, for the Princess Bride challenged
Why don't we just round that off to an even one billion photos you will take before you get a good sale pic, um-kay?
I don't care that Tanner got to stand on Sam, you are not getting on my lap.  End of discussion.
OMG, our dad is soooooooooooo cool!
Equestrian chic as it happens in fire ravaged California
Turns out, horse trailers make excellent supply run vehicles in emergency situations.  Here, Rebecca and Sam deliver thousands of pounds of dog food, cat food, and dog blankets, donated by the clients of Paradigm Sporthorse Training during the horrific Camp Fire.   The Paradigm family has proven to be more than willing to dig deep as large fires become part of 'normal' life.
The Sam and Tanner show photo series, isn't limited to the show grounds, the hotel serves as a nice back drop too!
Literate dogs are proven to improve your chances of success
The BMW 3 Series, well known as the go to for moving bales of hay 
We're never going to get any babes, this is so lame
You can't call yourself a proper dressage queen until you've spent an afternoon on the bulldozer moving the muck pile.......