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Horses for Sale

2001 Hanoverian, 16.3h mare
Raphael x Diamont

Renatta is the horse that AM/JR rider's are looking for!  She has a sweet, tractable temperament that carries through to her work under saddle.  As a product of careful modern breeding programs, she not only has beautiful, expressive movement, but it is easy to sit as well!  She is patient with greener riders, and has plenty of pizzaz for those more advanced.  Recent scores to 70% at 1st level, 68% at 2nd, green flying changes.  Loves to hit the trails too!

Renatta is sound and requires minimal maintenance.
Life changes sadly force sale. 

ELLA, registered as SHE'S MOVIN' UP            
2010 Thoroughbred, Oldenburg MMB
Momentum (Nureyev(Native Dancer) x Foolish Pleasure) x Bonus Money (Secretariat)

Ella was purchased off of the racetrack in the spring of '15, and was accepted into the Oldenburg MMB the following summer, with particular appreciation of conformation and movement by the inspectors. She has a sweet temperament, coupled with beautiful, airy gaits.  Ella was chosen for her bloodlines that are heavily influenced by the larger boned European stock.  She produced a flashy, leggy colt who scored an overall 7.9 and was branded Oldenburg!
Ella is honest and willing under saddle, and shows lovely airy movement.
Ella is a wonderful, doting mother, and was quite easy to get into foal.  She is currently open, and can be bred, or become a very competitive sporthorse!


2016 Chestnut Hanoverian/KWPN gelding, registered Oldenburg

Peabody (Palladium(Pik Solo) x Goldluck (Grundstein)) X Elizabeth (Wamberto (Rousseau( Ferro)) x Darwin (Roemer) x Flemmingh))

Not only is Pietro the spitting image of his sire, but he inherited the cool confidence that was Peabody's trademark.  This, combined with the balanced movment inherited from the royalty of his dam line, make Pietro a likely horse for the FEI ring!!  This truly promising prospect scored an overall 7.8 points and is branded Oldenburg! Earned two reserve championships in the Breeder's Championships in 2016, and behind his brother, was the 2nd highest scoring yearling in the finals!   Easy to trailer, lead, and handle.

Born 4/14/16, Pietro is handled daily, and loves attention!  



2016 Bay Hanoverian gelding, registered Oldenburg

Peabody (Palladium(Pik Solo) x Goldluck (Grundstein)) X She's Movin Up (Momentum (Nureyev) x Foolish Pleasure) x Bonus Money (Secretariat)

Presto is as flashy as they get, with four white socks and a blaze.  He is refined and elegant, with lovely airy movement---an excellent example of modern breeding.  He is smart and inquisitive, with a very trainable personality.  The judges awarded Presto a 7.9 overall score at his foal inspection, and he was the Champion of his first USDF breed show with a 79%  Presto was the highest scoring yearling at the USDF Region 7 Breeder's Championship with a 74.658%!
Easy to trailer, adjustable to new environments, and loves attention!  Handled daily.



2009 16.2h, imported Danish gelding
Tailormade Temptation x De Noir (De Niro)

Elegant and lofty, this striking young gelding has all the parts of an FEI horse in the making.  Try Me is a solid second level with all the movements of 3rd well on their way.  He is kind and pleasant on the ground, and has a sincere work ethic.  He enjoys hacks around the farm as well.  He is sensible and not spooky, but hot enough that he is the right horse for a competitive am/yr/pro.

Passed very thorough vet check in 6/2017! 


2012 15.3 h,   reg. Danish WB/Arab gelding
​BJD Believe (EA Echstravagant) x CF Pacifica 

Named for the unique white marking on his left hip, this youngster is as flashy as he is talented!  Less than 60 days under saddle and Mark is quickly adapting dressage basics and enjoying hacks around the ranch---all with a calm curiosity!  Given time and a person to develop him, this endearing horse has no limitations for advanced work.  Easy to trailer, shoe, groom, etc.  Personable and engaging in the barn, gets along with other horses, just an all around gem!


2010 16.3h imported Danish WB gelding
Blue Hors Rosoff (Blue Hors Romanov) x Rubinstein

​Elegant, and endearingly sweet......the only thing more you could want is a airy, effortless mover, and Rochester is this too.  If you enjoy his video, you MUST see him in person, as whenever he is in the arena it is difficult to focus on anyone else---he is stunning!  Calm, sensible, yet sensitive---just waiting for a rider to develop him!

Clean xrays from 8/17, recently passed full vetting!