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Chris Trinks' friesian gelding Gosse made his competitive debut under Becky at the Shelley Siegel Memorial show.   He scored at 70% and 71.5%, forecasting a bright future as a dressage competitor!

Michaela Nelson and Gainsborough strike again!!  This time winning the 3rd level JR/AM Championship at Pebble Beach!!!  Now the pair prepares for a repeat performance at the CDS Junior Championships in August!!!  Go, go, go!
Aragon, Sherri Martineau-Simon's imported PRE gelding tackled the electric atmosphere of Pebble Beach in his second show ring appearance.  He delighted everyone with scores up to 69.8% and 5 2nd place finishes behind some very seasoned competition!!!  Needless to say, Aragon is definitely a horse to watch!
Anne Vignati's Savoy showed cool confidence at Pebble Beach, earning two more qualifying scores at 4th Level.
Becky and Gosse braved the whipping wind, tumbling lawn chairs, and flapping tents to bring home a 66.4% at training level and a 65.2% at 1st level at the June CNDC show.  Gosse was quite a sport, showing well in spite of being anxious about the mayhem around him!!
Becky and Laneur had a successful week winning the Grand Prixs at both Shelley Siegel and the CNDC Dressage Derby!  The pair are set for the USDF/CDS Championships!
Paradigm Sporthorse working student Samantha Davis and her ISR mare Le Luna began a new era of showing at Starr Vaughn II in November----easily winning two blues in well attended training level classes.
Laneur and Becky finished up the year with a 7th in the CDS Grand Prix Championship.
Michaela Nelson and Gainsborough proved their mettle, finishing 13th in the Open CDS Championship out of 27 riders, and 4th in the USDF JR/YR Championship--both at 3rd level!!!!
Becky and Celeste Niebergall's Caratchi Star completed their qualifying scores at Fairwind Fam in August with scores of 67-69%.  The pair placed 1st and 2nd and earned the Reserve Open Championship for the FWF show series!  Next stop CDS Championships!
Under Caitlin Casey, Haydn clearly demonstrated his calling as an FEI horse, earning several wins and scores over 68% at both the Fairwind and Fieldstone Farm shows in August.  The duo is headed to compete at the CDS Championships!
PSH project horse Nick reentered the competition arena with Sam Davis, handily winning both his 1st level classes at Rancho Murietta in April!.
Paradigm Sporthorse starts the season with a bang at the Golden State Dressage Festival in April!

Worthy (Louie), Lori Novick's Oldenburg gelding took a break from the hunter arena and decided to try winning in the dressage arena for a change!  He took home the blue at Rancho Murietta in April at training level!!!

Sherri Simon's PRE gelding Aragon debuted at 1st level at Rancho Murietta.  Solid scores in the 60s amidst gale force winds indicate a successful year ahead!
Sherri Simon's Aragon shows perfect form at the Marin Chapter show, winning both his 1st level classes!  Aragon has matured quite a bit in 2010 and shows a tremendous work ethic!!
Samantha Davis and Lindsay Farley's Holsteiner gelding Shine debuted at 2nd level at Fairwind Farm, winning their classes with a 65% and 67%!!!!!
This was Shine's first ever show and Sam's first time at 2nd level......WOW!!!!!!
Carla McPherson and the dashing Nicky Wulf debuted at 2nd level at the Marin CDS/Fairwind shows....placing 2nd with scores of 61+% and 65%!!!  
Caitlin Casey rode Becky's gelding Limelight to two 4th level wins at the Shelley Siegal Memorial Show....after less then a month to get to know each other!
Becky rode Celeste Niebergall's new horse Caratchi Star to a 2nd place at 1st level with a 65.7%!   It was a show of new faces....Becky had ridden "Beau" only a handful of times!
Shelley Siegel Somonma CDS was a success for the Paradigm Sporthorse team!

Sherri Simon's Aragon continued his successful season, winning several 1st level classes with scores in the mid-sixties and earning a 60% in his first ever 2nd level class!

Marci Camacho, the proud new owner of Renatta, stood by while Renatta showed 1st level for the first time, earning a 62%!

Samantha Davis and Lindsay Farley's Shine continue scaring the competition at 2nd level---winning several classes!  Sam also received a 67% at 1st level....leaving only the 3rd level scores between her and her USDF bronze!

Bonnie Sun's beautiful Oksana competed in her first dressage show on June 20.  She competed 1st level 1 and 2 with scores of 64.5-67.4% and a win!  
Lori Kornblatt's Fancy Furst showed her first 3rd level test at Fairwind Farm June 20th...winning with a 62.8%!!!

PSH working student Samantha Davis competed in her first 3rd level test as well, riding Shine.  She placed 2nd behind Becky...with a 62.3%!

All in all a good day!
Caitlin Casey and Becky's Limelight continued their winning ways at Fairwind Farm's June 20 show, earning another blue and a 63% at 4th level test 1!!!!
Caitlin Casey and Limelight had a banner weekend at Woodside Summer Dressage!  They won 4th 2 on Saturday witn a 68%!!!!  Sunday Limelight did his first Prix St. Georges, placing 2nd with a 64.3%!!  Go Haydn and Caitlin!!!
Becky and Lori Kornblatt's Fancy Furst (Fanny) had a good weekend at Woodside Summer Dressage, earning scores to 65% at 3rd 3!
Paradigm Sporthorse Training enjoys success at Woodside Summer Dressage!!!

Celeste Niebergall's Caratchi Star (Beau) is in the homestretch of qualifying for the Championships after Woodside.  He won Sundays open 1st 4 with a 68.3%, and placed 2nd  on Friday with a 67%..  He earned a 65.4% on Saturday!  

Samantha Davis and Shine continued learning the ropes of 3rd level and completed their qualifying scores for the CDS Junior Championships.  Sam and Shine will compete at both 2nd and 3rd level in the CDS Jr./Yr. Championships in August!!!

Marci Camacho's Renatta performed beautifully under Becky at 1st level earning two 63%s!  Most importantly, Renatta learned to relax and enjoy the show----soon it will be Marci enjoying the ride!!

Christina Henkel and Princeton turned some heads at the Wine Country Classic in August, and again at Strides and Tides in September, consistently placing in the ribbons---often in the top three!
Oksana left the dressage arena for the hunter arena under owner Bonnie Sun at SHP Wine Country Classic and Strides and Tides.  The pair have developed an undeniable partnership!
Sam Davis and Shine wrapped up an enviable show season at the CDS Jr. Championships; the pair earned 5th in the 2nd level Championship, and 6th in the 3rd level Championship.  Additionally, Sam earned her USDF Bronze Medal---particularly impressive as she had not competed above training level before this spring!! 
Liz Derr's Saffier, ridden by Becky, hinted at a bright future in the show arena by winning his class in his first show!!!
Becky and Fancy Furst won the 3rd 2 class at FWF with a 63+%!
Caratchi Star finishes the CDS HOY Championship in 8th place, in a large class packed with tomorrow's superstars!  A little flamboyance wreaked havoc in the USDF Championship, but he came thru the weekend with scores to 70% and extremely positive feedback from the judges :)
Limelight showed extreme composure under trying conditions at the USDF/CDS Championships, finishing in the middle of a large class with scores in the 60s!!  His inexperience as an FEI horse was our secret!
Limelight stomped through a very soggy warm-up to bring home scores of 60-65% at Intermediare I at the Shelley Siegel Memorial Show.  While green at this level, he is relaxed and confident, making a positive impression on the judges!!!
John McGuinn's PRE gelding Shadowfax scored to 65% at 2nd level at the Shelley SIegel Memorial Show.  His confidence and relaxation blossomed at this show resulting in nice scores!
Sherri Simon's Aragon displayed the maturity a year can bring at Shelley Siegel, scoring 63+% in his maiden 3rd level test!!!
Starr Vaughn Dressage Show May 13-15, 2011

Limelight started the show season under Becky in his first Intermediare test, winning the class with a 62+%!!!  

Golden State CDI and Open Show, April 7-10, 2011

Becky showed Fancy Furst in her first 4th level classes scoring 61-62.7%!

John McGuinn's Shadowfax debuted at 2nd level scoring 61.7%!

Assistant Sam Davis and Shine earned qualifying scores at both 3rd and 4th levels!!
Limelight put his eyes back in his head and danced his way to 62.7%  in front of Linda Zang in the I-1 freestyle at Pebble Beach.  The freestyle is rough, but Limelight handled himself fabulously in the electric environment and deep footing!
Samantha Davis and Shine performed their first freestyle at Pebble Beach!   They showed both 3rd and 4th levels, placing well in their classes.
Aragon added another success to his record at Pebble Beach.
Duchess aka Oletty's Dutch Treat, owned by Liz Derr placed 2nd in her Prix St. Georges class at Golden State Dressage Festival 2012 with a 62.6%, almost a year to the date after a nearly life ending medical condition sent her to the ICU and a subsequent 6 months of rehab before she could even be sat on!  We are excited to see her continue onward in 2012!
Calvin, Bonnie Sun's new KWPN gelding showed a future as a dressage horse in his first show, earning scores of 64.7-68.2% and placing 1st-3rd in all three of his classes at the April 2012 Golden State Dressage Festival.  Calvin will be competing in the hunter arena this summer!
Holiday, a 5 year old Dutch mare owned by Christina Henkel won her first ever class at Training level at Rancho Murietta in April 2012.  Holiday will also be competing in the hunter arena this summer.
Limelight finished the season with a 7th place finish in the USDF Championships at Intermediare 1!
John McGuinn's lovely PRE gelding, Shadowfax, overcame a nasty case of hives to place 4th in his debut at 3rd level.  Shadow put forth his most solid, relaxed tests yet!
Cameo made her showing debut at Fairwind Farm in June, earning scores in the 60s and blue ribbons, in spite of sweltering heat!
Tynedale St. Dominic scored 65+% in his training level showing debut at Fairwind Farm in June.   The big boy impressed judges, in spite of temperatures in excess of 105 degrees which demanded he have a walk only warm up!!
Aragon showed 3rd 3 for the first time at Pebble Beach scoring 63%.  He debuted at 4th 1 with a great effort, though the score was sadly sacrificed when a spectator lost control of their stroller and its contents on the bleacher steps!  Very proud of this horse and excited to see where he goes!
Just a few short weeks after his arrival from the east coast, Peabody and Becky made their first appearance at the Pebble Beach Dressage show, capturing wins at 2nd level.
Having hung up his hunter dudds for the dressage arena, Worthy took home the blue at 3rd level at Pebble Beach.  Although, clearly, the breakfast in bed service for which the region is known, was of far more interest!
John Wohr catch rode Christina Henkel's Holiday at the Sonoma Horse park July 31-Aug. 1, capturing the Baby Green Championship!  Thank you to John and Beverly of Chestnut Hill for your help and skill!
Bonnie Sun's Calvin competed at the SHP Strides and Tides in September, coming in 4th overall in the  Baby Greens.  Thanks again to John Wohr and Beverly Jovais for all their help!  Calvin promises to shine in both the hunter and dressage arenas.
Tynedale St. Dominic came into his own at the Starr Vaughn Dressage show, winning the his class with a 67.5% and winning the high point award for Sunday!
Juice, Sherri Simon's Hannoverian/Andalusian gelding made his first appearance at Starr Vaughn Dressage in November.  Although he found the experience a wee bit overwhelming, the judges were very encouraging that with some experience he would be a horse to beat!
Peabody and Becky started the 2013 show season at Rancho Murietta April 6th and 7th, showing 3rd level for the first time.  Peabody impressed and placed 2nd and 3rd in large classes, earning their first qualifying scores of the season!
Peabody wrapped up his qualifying season at Woodside dressage in July, winning the open 3rd 3 with a 65.7%!  He is switching gears to do some jumping, but will be competing at the Championships in September.
Margaret Hoog and Maestoso II Daniela completed RAAC with a 3rd place finish in the 4th level class!!  Really looking forward to a blue in September's finals!!!  Great ride Margaret!
Peabody demonstrated his new found power, winning 4th 1 with a 65% at Fairwind's June show. .
Becky also competed Maestoso II Daniela (Super) to a 62%+ at Prix St. Georges.  Super is now qualified for the finals at PSG.
Ann Heller and her SWB mare Mazette made their show ring debut at the Shelley Siegel Show May 30th, 2015 with an impressive 65%!!
Ann Heller's adorable mare "All That Jazz" put her competitive driving career behind her and won her Training Level debut under Becky with a 65%!!!
Becky also competed Suzy Westerbeke's dashing Coronado ECV at 2nd level, including a win with a 67%!!!  Carla McPherson and Napa danced to victory with their 4th level freestyle with scores from 67-70%!!!  Carla and Napa are qualified to compete in the year end championships! 
Margaret Hoog and Super finished qualifying for RAAC with scores to 66% at 4th Level Tests 1 and 3!!!
Margaret Hoog and Super won all their classes at 4th level during the Marin Chapter Show with scores to 65%!!  Felt a bit like deja vu, as it was a repeat performance from their show at Starr Vaughn 2 weeks previous.  The duo is a pleasure to watch!
Becky and Aragon put in solid 3rd level tests at SVE, demonstrating relaxation and harmony :)
Becky and Super competed at Yarra Yarra Ranch, April 29th, finishing 3rd in a large Prix St. Georges class with a 62%.

Becky and Bonnie Sun's Calvin debuted at the EB Chapter Show with scores in the 60s!! 

Becky showed Peabody at 4th and Super at PSG at the Golden State Premiere in January, kicking off the show season with scores in the 60s!